Get rid of my "Check out your LingQ Avatar"

How do I get rid of my “Check out your LingQ Avatar” alert. It opens every time I open the homepage (Lessons).

It shows for languages in which you have less than 5 known words (aka you’re still a “shell”).

Is there a way of turning it off?

For the people that don’t really use lingq for lingq’ing words.

What would you like to turn off?

Hi Alex, we are asking if we can turn off the “check out your lingq avatar” box that appears every time you work on a language that you don’t lingq words for.

I linq’ed a bunch of Chinese the other day just to get rid of it. But there must be an easier method (as in "click this box to not show this message again).

It’s actually not related to how many LingQs you create. The initial popup will automatically disappear once you reach 5 known words.

Thanks Alex, so what would be the easiest/quickest way to just get rid of it, in simple terms?

I don’t lingq or “know” words (so it just keeps popping up everywhere). All I do is just listen and read.

I killed it in the Chinese section by linqing a lot of words - but it still pops up whenever I go over to Spanish etc.

Open up a lesson and click the LingQ’d button. As long as there are more than 5 New Words in the lesson, the egg will open.

Or you can boil the egg, even for a pink alien I prefer the placenta/white outside over the yellow (pink in this case?) fetus. That’ll get rid of it