German phrases problem

Why is it that when I create a LinQ in German with multiple words, the nouns are being saved with the first letter NOT capitalized, and they were capitalized in the original phrase.


At the moment, we save capitalization when saving single words only, but not in phrases. We will see if that’s something we can do. Thanks for your feedback.


Thank you, loving the site so far

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A pragmatic decision for most languages, but certainly the wrong one for German, where capitalization of all nouns is a fundamental aspect of orthography.


Hey Zoran,
Would you also be able to take a look at separable verbs in German? If you’re not familiar, the prefix of many verbs in German separate in a sentence and get pushed to the end. Right now you can’t make a lingq for separable verbs where the prefix is at the end. Thanks!


Similar splitting happens in other languages, too. I sometimes find myself wishing I could make a LingQ phrase that ignores words in between or something. But that’s probably too complicated and unintuitive to implement.

Thanks, we will see what we can do there too.