German on Skype

Would anyone be interested in logging into Skype to help me with my German pronunciation? I am just starting evgueny40’s “DEUTSCH VON ANFANG AN!” lessons. I am on lesson 3 and want to be sure to make the correct pronunciation from the very beginning. Mainly I would be repeating many of the sentences that Evgueny has dictated within his lessons. I am wanting to work on, for right now, the personal pronouns and a few of the adjectives, articles, and the verb “sein” conjugated in the present tense. This first meeting should be very quick. I am a native English speaker, so it may help for you to speak English, or if you need help with English pronunciation that is okay too.

The reason I am posting about this on the forums, is because I have no money to pay for points to schedule an appointment with a tutor. Thanks for your help, from anyone with is willing to help.


Michael Melton