German Library

In strange bit of trivia for anyone who’s interested.

The German lirbary is quite extensive on LingQ. However, if you go through what is there, all of the items / collections start with either punctuation marks, numbers or the letters A-F. There is nothing in there from F-Z. Does anyone else find that strange, or perhaps I am doing something wrong with my search?

You’ll find the answer here:
Personally, I dislike that there are only 40 pages shown. What made the search slowly was the unknown words thing, not the number of pages. It was nice that we had an overview about the number of items in total earlier. I miss this. Not a lot, but I miss it.

I see.

I always thought that if you went to advanced search you could go through all the lessons in the library. I like the idea of being able to ‘scour’ the whole database to see what is there.

Does anyone know how to search for all the remaining lessons, starting with F-Z?

You can search the whole library, we just show the first 40 pages of results. To find lessons from F-Z you would use the “Sort by” options and/or the Filters on the right side to refine your search.