German - Finding an apartment (vocab & phrases)


Can anyone recommend a lesson or collection they’ve studied that covers vocab and phrases for looking for an apartment/flat in Germany?

Many thanks,

Have a look at the collection “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Privat!”.
Lesson “20.30 Auf Wohnungssuche”: Login - LingQ
and “20.34 Erstes Telefonat zur Wohnungssuche…”: Login - LingQ
and the next 3 lessons deals with this topic.

Thanks so much Vera, I’ll take a look at those! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, I’ve figured out that Irene has created lessons about this topic too. Look at Login - LingQ and the following lesson.

That’s great Vera, thank you! With all these lessons I should be OK finding a flat when I go to Hamburg next month!