German Audio for Swedish Courses

Hello, all.

I have recently returned to using Swedish courses to learn Swedish; I am using the beginner courses and I have noticed that when I select a word and play the audio to hear the pronunciation it is uttered by a German speaker with German pronunciation rather than Swedish pronunciation. I was wondering if anyone else had this same problem with Swedish courses - I would love to know.

Which lessons are you referring to? How do you know it is a German accent as opposed to a Southern Swedish accent with the guttural “r”?

I just noticed that you were referring to the text to speech from Google. I checked this in a Swedish lesson and the pronunciation is Swedish, i.e. native Swedish.

The way they pronounce words are with a German accent that I recognise; the letter å not being pronounced in any Swedish way - it does not even sound like that letter. However, it does sound like a German speaker saying it. Additionally, certain words, the letters are being spelt out rather than being said as a whole Swedish word; the way they are being spelt out sounds like how German letters are said.

I have been studying the materials of Getting Started. In 1) Hej. Hur mår du? the word “ord” is spelt rather than said, for example.

I really don’t know if anyone else has this issue, or maybe I am wrong. If I am I apologise, but I remember the courses having different audio for word selections and I immediately recognised it as Swedish speaking.

Thank you for your response, Steve.

I checked it by a born and raise Swede and they do not hear a Swedish accent at all. However, if it is how you say it is then that’s that. I will just have to get used to it. appreciate the response.

Can you give me the link to the lesson. In any case the TTS is not ours, it is Google.

Login - LingQ Here it is. And yes, I was thinking that too: since it’s from Google then I don’t know what else to do but accept it.

The TTS sounds more standard Swedish than the voice of the narrators. In any case, it is not an issue that will hinder your language learning.