Generated Page Translation for "Audio Transcribe" Imported Lessons

I used the “Audio Transcribe” import feature to import some audio from an audiobook. Then, in the lesson page, I click on the three dots at the top right and click “Show Translation”, but no translation is generated or shown.

I was under the assumption that this would generate a translation for each line and show them, but is that not the case? And if not, are we supposed to manually generate a translation (using DeepL, Google Translate, etc.) and copy this into the translation window in the “Edit Lesson” page? Or is there some other way to get LingQ to generate translations for the whole lesson?


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The “Generate automatic transcript” option will just create a lesson text, based on your uploaded audio, it won’t create a translation.
Once you generate a lesson, text and audio, you will see suggested user hints and you will have access to available dictionaries to look for translations for selected words/phrases.
Full translation exist on some beginner lessons and you can also manually add translations manually under each sentence on the Edit Lesson page if you prefer so, but that’s not necessary.

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