General suggestions and feedback

I would like to ask for the following improvements:
1.) The app on android and ios should work equally good, unfortunately it doesn’t. I use lingq for chinese and cannot select phrases on android if they are not already pre-selected. iOS on the other hand works.
1.1 The “handedict” dictionary doesn’t work on android. It works on iOS and chrome.
1.2 Could you merge simplified Chinese with traditional Chinese? It is actually the same language but it has different characters. I read simplified as well as traditional chracters in Chinese and I don’t want to change the language on lingq for this. That’s why I imported traditional chinese characters into the simplified chinese characters language. The problem is that the Pinyin isn’t accurately recognized. The lingq system adds questions marks when it doesn’t know the character. This could easily be avoided if you would merge these characters.
2.) I use lingq also to prepare for lessons. However, I sometimes don’t find a correct translation. I could ignore the word at the moment or just add a question mark. I think it would be smarter to add an additional color. Maybe red or another color. This would help me a lot because I could find the words I couldn’t find immediately and don’t have to look through my unknown words in an article.
2.1 I would also like to download the words I don’t know with my example sentences in a pdf with the word, the translation and my example sentence for every article I read. This would be extremely useful because I also teach German and this would be a great way to review words with my students without looking through the whole article.
3. I sometimes copy and paste an article which has different paragraphes. However, lingq deletes these paragraphes which is really annoying because they are important in books where I have dialogues. I don’t see any harm in not deleting spaces and paragraphes.

It would be really great if you could change this. A discussion about this would also help a lot!

Best regards,

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Appreciate your suggestions and feedbacks! Most of the things you mentioned above will actually be taken care of soon, when we release an update.
Regarding the 1.1, what happens when you try to use that dictionary on the Android app? For which language combination you use it? Chinese to German? I’ll check that.

Perfect. Thank you. Yes, it’s Chinese to German in the android app

I forgot to mention one thing. It would be great if I could create files for myself. I sometimes import a lot but I have to look through a lot of articles in my lesson feed before I find what I want. It would be great if I could have files, not just for a book but that I can create it myself.