Furigana issue for Japanese imported lessons

so all the content I’ve tried to import the last couple days will not show furigana at all. The option is selected. If changed to Romanji it will display Romanji fine. But hiragana will not show. My old articles still display the furigana fine and imports from YouTube seems alright.

I’ve tried importing through safari share options. Opening in other browsers. Using the url feature. Copy pasting instead of importing. And saving it as a word doc and importing it. Nothing seems to work. It’s like all the imports are messing up. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and no matter what I try I can’t seem to get it to work like it used too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We are looking into the issue, thanks for reporting.


Any progress on this? I sent an email a while ago and never received a response which is why I decided to search here. This is a critical feature for learning Japanese.

@bdbxt can you try again now and let me know if you still have issues?

It is still not working for old lessons nor newly imported lessons.

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Thanks, I’ll check with our team where do we stand with this.

I experience the same issue. Any progress?

We will push a fix very soon. Thanks for your patience.