Full time study 6 week challenge!

Guyz whats your take on tackling a language for 6 weeks in an total immersion enviroment where the language is spoken and living in a host family plus using Lingq and internet to support the process. Lets say that you arrive with a good b2 or weak b2 there . What’s the probable outcome? What do you think???

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Well, Master Steve and others have said that the more concentrated the learning, the better. I myself have found this to be the case in my own study of Spanish. However, before one undertakes immersion, say by going abroad, you want to be at a good level so you can get the most out of the experience. Primarily, this seems to be activating your passive vocabulary and acquiring even more words for your passive vocabulary/word count because as a more advanced learner, you’ll have the chance (and motivation) to encounter a lot of new words.

B2 seems to be “fluency,” especially a higher B2. That’s where I’d consider myself in Spanish. Maybe a low C1 in reading comprehension. So, “a good b2 or weak b2” in your case would be good to go abroad and get the most out of “concentrated” environment which you have laid out.

Regardless, how much you can get out of it is going to be dependent on the language. I think for a Romance language coming from English, you’d jump a whole level. Going to a Slavic langauge might require more time and someone who has experience in doing that will hopefully chime in.


Yeah i am under the impression that even in your own house you can immerse yourself massively and still upgrade your arsenal. My target for example in spanish or french would be to reach 40k word count(in a month) and listening at least 4-5 hours podcast , shows etc. a day (good site to do so is Fluentu and yabla) along with lingq which will again be the base of my study!! I believe that with this kind of intensity i will hit at least advanced comprehension bith reading and listening!!

Very ambitious goal. I guess it all depends on what you mean by advanced. If you had 400-500 hours already, and then added another 200 during your intensive study, you might be there, especially if you spend a few more hours a day cranking up your LingQ reading to add another 13,000 words to your count. If you hit 40ish, you’d probably be advanced in reading comp, at least based on what I am seeing now with my Spanish and what Francisco told me a few years ago.

yeah i believe i can do besides i am no longer a newbie in language learning anymore. i notice things a lot easier than i did in the past and dont forget that utilizing intensive listening everyday basically till my ears cant get no more for 1 month can get me to the stage i want to be espeacially for the romance languages!! (and the germanics could fall in that category as well)!!! Also utilizing a good phrasebook can come in handy at this type of intense learning (can also create your own while talking to native speakers!!)…

Very true. Buena suerte, Senor!!

Muchas gracias!!!