I think LingQ has many great features, but I’m finding it really frustrating to use. I’m very computer-literate and am normally able to figure programs out on my own in a short amount of time, but LingQ seems to have a lot of bugs and non-intuitive processes, and–as far as I can find–no “help” manual. The search function for lessons also doesn’t seem very good to me. I realized that I may have been being a little unfair, because it’s been bothering me that it’s not easy to sort out between Brazilian and European Portuguese lessons–but, of course, most languages don’t have that problem, so it isn’t surprising that it’s not really built into the system. But still, do I really need to comb through several pages of lessons looking for the first one of a series? There’s got to be a better way!

My current problem, though, is that I submitted some writing, and my report is back, but it won’t open. When I click on the title to open it in “view reports”, the only screen that pops up is one for me to select a tutor. I don’t know why that screen would come up when the writing’s already been corrected.

@wendy79 - I’m sorry you are having trouble using the site. You can find FAQ’s by clicking Help in the top right corner of the site. When searching for lessons you are able to filter by accent. Simply choose the type of Portuguese you are looking for and you will only be shown lessons with that accent. Also, if you click on the title of a lesson in the search results, or on View Collection, you will see all lessons in that collection in the ensuing popup. You can also see this popup on the main Library page if you click on the “i” that appears when you hover on a lesson.

Regarding your writing correction, the only way you willl be asked for a tutor is if your correction has not been returned to you yet. I can see that your correction has not been done yet. For whatever reason, your writing corrector has not done it. I would suggest either following up on their wall to remind them or choosing a new tutor. I, too, will try and find out why it has not been done. We do need to implement a system to help us make sure writing is corrected on time or, at least, to alert the student that their tutor has not corrected it. In future, if you have not received your correction back within 2 days you should try a different tutor.

Perhaps some of my problems are related to bugs, rather than a lack in LingQ. There have been times when I’ve clicked on “help” and been told I didn’t have authority to access that file (though, in any case, I’m looking for something with more technical answers). The search filters also do not work all the time. And if I try to search for something at the “no knowledge” category, neither Brazilian nor European turns up any results.

I assumed my writing had been corrected because the “view reports” button popped up after two days. Either it was supposed to be up all along, or it isn’t supposed to be up now. In any case, a flag or new window saying “your report is not yet ready” would be far more helpful.

Hi Wendy, I checked the Portuguese library. After selecting “Brazilian” or “European” you have to click “Search”. I got one page with European lessons and 6 or 7 pages with Brazilian lessons. It seems that there are a lot of lessons not rated as Brazilian or European. That is in the hands of the providers. They should do this.

The help works for me in general. On which page do you get an error? It would help Mark and the other Admins if you could add the link (the address) to this thread to figure out what happened.

You get an email when your writing is corrected. Before I submit a writing to a tutor I make sure that he is still active on LingQ. Unfortunately, some people set themselves as a tutor but than they leave LingQ and forget to change their settings. I know, we discussed that problem earlier. Maybe LingQ should show a message if this tutor didn’t sign in for more than one week or something like this.

Hi Wendy,

We’ll look into the issues related to writing corrections, reports, etc.

As Vera says, it would be very helpful if you could tell us as much information as possible about how you arrived at the Oops! page.

Regarding the Library, we’re phasing out the “No Knowledge” category in favour of “Beginner 1”. We’ll remove that from the search parameter shortly. I recommend you search for “Beginner 1” as the level when trying to find lessons.

Hopefully we should have something up soon that will remove inactive members from the list of tutors/correctors :slight_smile: