From intermediate level to advanced level

Hi everybody,
I am an intermediate learner. I feel that I have no progress. It seems to me I forgot all the words I learned in the beginning specially phrases. I have less and less passion to reach my weekly target.
I am finding contents more and more uninterested.

If you have already lived this situation let me know and send your comment on how to operate this moment.

See you soon


First of all you have not forgotten your words and phrases. When you need them you will find that they come back.

It is impossible to remain strongly motivated forever. Your motivation will go in waves. Do things that you enjoy doing in English. Watch a video or something. Otherwise just leave it for a while. You will not lose anything.Do other things, or even attempt another language. At some point your interest will come back.

As long as you aim to enjoy the language you will improve. Once you put pressure on yourself, or feel dissatisfied, you will be unhappy and improve less.

I have been there.




I agree with Steve. You have not forgotten your words. Try to watch a video without subtitles or try to read a book without using a translater and you will see that you understand quit everything.

It is hard at the beginning. We, English as a Second Language Speakers, will make mistakes , we will have a desire to give it up, however we have to keep it up… Try other things, give a break a little bit about learning English and relax about it! You will reach there.

I have been there as well!!!



Thanks to both Steve and Sandrinhatico,

Your advices brings sweet to me. I am going to watch video on subject that interest you this week end. I think that it will work.

God bless you

Hello Regis,

Sometimes I feel as same as you. Maybe it’s worse. All of sudden I get angry with me ; why I can’t be fluent in English? Don’t I study enough? Am I stupid? And I start to hate English.

In that case, I forget about English. I don’t study anything, maybe I listen to American Pop music or read Spanish book because I also study Spanish.

But usually after 1 week, I want to start over my English study again and I always I enjoy it. It’s strange.

I think is good be calm and relax when we are watching a movie. If we tray to pay too much attention we do not understand the dialogs and also we get nervous. Don’t panic.

Everyone who is learning English has trouble times. Sometimes, if you put yourself to far into a language at to quick a rate, your mind will want to slow down and you will feel less interested.

I don’t remember who, but somebody told me that English was the hardest language in the world, and this is true, to an extent. Meaning, there are so many rules for English that even half the time those who are fluent in it get confused.

To stay motivated at learning it, do what Steve and Sandrinhatico said and take a little break from it for a little while. Don’t feel angry if you don’t get something at first, even the greatest minds of all time had their down times. Just take it in stride, meaning don’t try to do everything at once, take your time learning it.

Don’t force yourself into learning the language at times when you don’t feel motivated. If you do, then your mind will automatically just shut off to any new information on English. So, just realize that you made it this far in the language, and when you don’t feel motivated, just look back at all you have learned.

From what I have read, you seem like you are pretty fluent in the language. There are a couple of words that are messed up, but then again, most English speakers will mess up the same words. If you do need any help, there are always people around who would be willing to help you.

If you just want to ask what something in English means or if you have questions on anything English, then feel free to email me at

Don’t think you are the only one feeling unmotivated, I’m learning Japanese, and let me tell you, at times it seems like I will never become even partially fluent. Just stay motivated. Sorry for such a long post. Thank you for your time.

Hi Everybody,

Thank to all. It is the first time I used the forum Linguist. I am happy I was answered.
I want to make sure all friends that I restart my English learning.

I want to say thank very much to everybody partcipating on this forum. Your pieces of advices were very precious to me.

I will try to help too all of this person who need advices about learning language.

Thank you very much again