Friends are among those few people who accept us the way we are and for what we are, never trying to change us.

When we are children, our friends are those we like to play with; when we are teens, our friends are those we share our feelings, plans and dreams with and those we explore the world with; and when we are adults, our friends are those we share our troubles and our experiences with. On the journey along the path of life, our friends are the people who are by our side, sharing their lives with us, understanding and supporting us.

There are some friends who will remain friends forever and some who will be friends for a shorter time; some who will share everything with us and some who will only share a few things. But whichever the case may be, friends will always be special.

Although no one likes to be a Billy-no-mates, it’s not always easy to make friends because when we ask someone to be our friend, we are not just asking them to hang out with us, but also to like us, with our merits as well as with our flaws, because a friend is also an accomplice, a peson who is by your side no matter what.

But in order to have friends you must be a friend, and this implies responsibility, understanding, reliability, and care. It implies the responsibility to be by your friend’s side no matter what, to understand, accept and like their flaws, to support and help your friends even when they’re doing somethng that’s not exactly right.

Friends are particularly important to teens; at an age when they feel the need to break away from their parents and gain independence, they spend more time with their peers than with their parents, because with their peers adolescents get the chance to exchange views and share experiences, and so broaden their horizons and enrich their lives. They get the chance to experiment and to get ready for their future life as adults.

If this essay/blog had been written 12-15 years earlier on, I would have agreed with every bit of it. People were different, moral values were different , lifestyle was different etc

Right now it is a money driven world. As long as you have money to show off (lots of it), everyone will salute to your greatness.

If you have nothing, nada to show off, everyone will piss on you. No one will be your friends.

I still abide by this axiom, “People come here alone, people will go alone as well.”

I want to be good to others but I do not expect from others to be good to me as well.

I should do my part in the best possible way and I should leave it at that.

However, it was nice to read your point of view regarding friends.

I’m sorry to hear that, mate. Life is yours and it’s driven by your values and standards, now like 12-15 years ago; it’s up to you to distinguish your friends from your colleagues, clients and opportunists.

Well-written expression of your thoughts! I am especially impressed when I see that you have 0 LingQ words in English. You have obviously studied English for a while.

“in order to have friends you must be a friend, and this implies responsibility, understanding, reliability, and care”
Yes, this is very true. You now have another friend because I am following you on LingQ. I hope you will have many more friends in the future.