Friend of mine lives in another country, I was curious if LingQ is usable in other countries

Hey, Everybody,

So I have a friend of mine I recommended LingQ to, she lives in mainland China. I think that her English is good, but she wants to improve it, and one of the most important methods I recommended her to use, was LingQ. Can anybody verify for me, if LingQ is able to be used in China. This is important because in about a year I will spend about 4 months in China, and I hope to use LingQ while I am there.
I appreciate any information related to LingQ in mainland (not Hong Kong or Taiwan) China.I know LingQ can be accessed in many separate countries, but for her sake I am praying it is in China.

Thanks once again.


Hi CodeRed82,
We did had some complaints from users not being able to access LingQ from China, so unfortunately you will might experience some issues while you’re there. But not sure how exactly this internet restrictions works there, so I really hope that you will be able to use the site. Maybe users from China or someone who has been there can provide more detailed answer here.

Thank you, Zoran,

I appreciate the input. If anybody else could inform me on some information that would also be great?
-Cody C.