Freshly baked tutor needs help with record a podcast

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I have set my first self made subscription in German tongue. But I cannot play back it. I have followed exactly audacity instructions as suggested by lingq and have installed lame encoder as described. Indeed it doesn’t works.
Could anybody helps me?

Hi Horst, Can you listen to the mp3 file with other programs?
You can send me the file as an email, and I take a look on it.

Hi Vera, Yes I can listen the mp3 file with other programs like Windows Media Player and with my own external mp3 player as well. Nevertheless I will send you the mp3 file as an email.

I analyzed the file. Here are my hints to mp3 files.

The name should be not long.
Use only characters of the English language. No “Umlaute” of the German Language.

An additional hint:
If you want to create a collection the users will say thank you for giving them numbers.

In this case causes a special German character the problem.

Great! I have modified and shorten the name of mp3 file. Indeed, it works.
Thanks for support.