FrenchLingQ Beginner (Greetings and Goodbyes), Part 6

Maybe it’s just me, but this audio doesn’t quite match up with the text. It seems the audio is cut short and doesn’t finish the sentence at the end " et ma soeur".

Hi! I have just checked this item. There is nothing wrong with the text and audio except that at the very end, you can hear ‘et à ma soeur’ while it is written ‘et ma soeur’. I’m going to add the article which is missing.
Maybe the reason why you think the audio doesn’t match with the text is because of its rate of speech. Listen to this item several while you read it, you’ll get use to it :slight_smile: Good continuation. Marianne.

Yes, I have just found this kind of “miss-match” at the English section but I don’t mind too much now.

I will have to listen again. My internet connection has been a little bad at the moment as well. Thank you though!