French Week 18

New blog post:

Known Words: 15591
Hours Listened: 145

Going offline for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d give a quick update on my French adventure. Finally finished Dune, reading on LingQ. That felt like a really great achievement after starting reading French five months ago. On holiday I am going to tackle Gone Girl (Les Apparences) which I’ve got on kindle with audio book.

On the listening front I am just working through News In Slow French episodes from 2011. That was such an incredible year: from the revolutions and protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, to the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, the London riots and the start of the civil war in Syria. It really felt like one of those years like 1968, years that only come around once a generation. Anyway really enjoying reliving it again…in French!

I have 7 more weeks in Phase One of my French adventure, where my main focus is reading. If I can read a novel that I haven’t already read in another language by the end of my first 25 weeks of French I will be really pleased. And then in June I switch focus to listening with the aim of being able to really follow interesting French history and politics podcasts by the end of the year.


Thanks for an interesting update.