French pronounciation

I would like to improve my pronunciation of letter r in French. Can I get any tips?

Thank you

I have never tried it before, but i wanted to learn it…
I found this

I think it was the fastest way because u have a tool instead of a vague idea. Whenever you get used to your own voice. You will pronunce it so well.

My favorite source for detailed explanations about French pronunciation is the YT channel “FrenchSounds”:

There is a general explanation about how to pronounce the r sound and then several additional videos with exercises, combinations of r and several vowels and tongue twisters

I was trying to do this when living in France and my friend told me to talk to myself. I just kept saying words with r over and over until I kinda got it. In the shower, listening and repeating at home. Thinking about it while listening to something in French while walking around (even if not saying it out loud). Sounds simple but it really helps. I found it easier to get when it was at the beginning of the word e.g. Très and harder before a consonant e.g. Porte. Maybe try très over and over until it becomes easier