French Library: Requests for Specific Content

What would be the best forum in which to post a request for certain content ? I will be using LingQ for french practice later and was browsing the literature selections in the french library. It appears to me that there is one chapter of Le Petit Prince available at the moment, but I think it would be fabulous to have the rest of the book as well.

I do worry that anyone thinking of adding content might see the pictorial of the cover of the Little Prince in the library and assume the entire series is complete, which might lead them away from the idea of completing the series, which would be too bad.

I notice the same appears to be true with an Alphonse Daudet book, chapter one available only.

And there are many great copyright free materials available, too, which I don’t see yet in the collection. People would like to have Madame Bovary, perhaps, and some of the de Maupassant writings too.

So again, if someone will kindly tell me the best place to post a request for french library offerings, I and other francophiles would be most grateful.



The issue with these classic literature materials is not the text, which is free of copyright, but the audio book which belongs to the narrator and publisher of the audio book. When I have approached audio book publishers they are usually willing to let us have a few chapters of certain books as samples, but their interest is to sell their audio books. When we have more members we want to resell their audio books. I should say that I think a well narrated audio book is well worth the price and usually far superior as an artistic experience and as a learning experience to the same content narrated by a volunteer at librivox.

At present we do not allow the sharing of texts without audio, in order to maintain the LingQ format of audio and text. So you have to buy the audio book separately and import the text of the books into LingQ, chapter by chapter, for your own use. We do intend to make it possible for members to share the texts of classical books without uploading a sound file, but only for a new audio book area, where we will promote the sale of audio books. It is time consuming to import books and it would be great if this work were shared amongst our members.

Again, just one more thing to do.

Oh wow. I had not yet listened to any of these literature offerings, but had assumed that they were all read aloud and created by LingQ volunteers! (I still have a lot to learn about this site! ) Is it practical to expect LingQ volunteers to do this kind of reading? Or do you think that the quality issues you allude to above would present insurmountable problems?

Members are free to create whatever content they want. Some people are very good narrators. In the end the users will decide what they like.

We intend to have some way of grading content items in the future. Even with professional narrators, some voices or ways of narrating are more pleasing to some people than to others. The greater the attachment, artistic enjoyment, emotion, to a piece of content, the better we learn, I think.