French dialects

i have been learning french and was wondering are there subtle diferences between the french spoken in belgium ,switzerland ,and france ,in terms of pronounciation and sound like in spanish so far the only accent i can really diferentiate is the one in quebec which i can identify right away

i try to watch many shows from diferent places to help with comprehension along with linqg and audiobooks

Yes, of course, and within France itself: there’s a very distinctive Southern accent which also changes depending on the exact part: People from Marseilles don’t speak like those in Bordeaux, … Same thing in the North, Center, …

I would distinguish between “dialect” and “accent”. Your question seems to refer to accents, rather than dialects because you ask about “differences in pronunciation”

Yes there are subtle differences, but they won’t hinder your understanding.

I live in Quebec and can say that the French spoken in Quebec and Haiti are the most challenging to understand. I sometimes have a hard time understanding my own people.

There are subtle differences, but not enough to hinder you from understanding. If you look at Switzerland and Belgium’s French, you might find some older forms of words, or older idioms which are no longer used in standard French in France. Other than that, you shouldn’t have a problem going from one accent to another (besides Quebec or maybe some stronger African accents).

You also must note, that France is regions where French is a lot different also, such as ch’tis in the North.

Anyone interested in French dialects might find this article about French colonial culture and language in the American Midwest interesting. Don’t let the title fool you – it talks more about language and culture than music.

Thank you for sharing. I find the topic of U.S. varieties of French really interesting.
There used to be a little intro course to Cajun French on the net (called “Allons!”). It sometimes contrasted it with “international French”. Unfortunately, the link to the actual course contents seems to be broken at the moment. This is the home page: