French conversation

Hello I would like to take part in a French conversation. I am English and trying to improve my French, which is pretty bad (Beginner 2 level). I have just joined LingQ and not really sure how to organise this. Do I just post here? I tried to do a search for a group conversation for the coming week but nothing came up… Thanks!

@alisonr2 - Welcome to the site! You can connect with other members here through the forum, or you can sign up for a conversation with one of the tutors on LingQ by going to the Find a Tutor page or the Speak page. Most of the conversations offered are one-on-one conversations, but you’re more than welcome to try and find others who might be interested in a group conversation!

Hello Alison, I would recommend you to mention your Skype id as others have done and ask for language exchange from a native French speaker. That is the best way to you can learn French with ascent.