Freebie Words

I am currently working my way through Spanish and I am becoming more aware of how many words are very similar when compared with English, I am always quite satisfied when I see a word I know in English and that is very Similar in Spanish which I am then able to guess and add to my known words.

It is making my known words look pretty good for the short period of time I have spent learning Spanish on Lingq I think it is about 4 days to be exact.

Looking forward to reaching 1000 known words!

After focusing so much on German, I noticed the same thing when I did some Spanish lessons. It makes progress fast and very fun.

Good Luck on 1000!!

Same! I’ve been learning German for 5 years on and off. I began to study Spanish on Lingq and quickly realized that I already know a lot of words. It’s also beneficial for my English studies. Profound, for instance, is the word that I learned in Spanish and then realized that it’s used in English too. Tenses are also not very challenging for English speakers. You guys can learn Spanish quickly and become fluent in the language.

Good luck!

Thanks! I am slowly getting their more known words are being added each day! I am thinking of starting german soon as I would like to move to germany or switerland but german looks very difficult!

German really isn’t that difficult, at least not for me. I am not sure where that misconception comes from, but i’d assume the cases play a role in it.