Free webinar on LingQ 2.0 starts in two and a half hours

Please come to the LingQ page at google+ for a free Hangout and discussion about the new LingQ. Please ask any questions you have in any language you want. We will cover the Lesson page, and maybe the Library. Here is the link to LingQ at google+

That is 4 pm PST here on the west coast of North America, midnight UTC and 9 am in Japan.

And that’s 1 am CET in Western Europe I should add. I am still fit now so late, I have to think whether it’s worthwile taking part in a night discussion.


But I will see you on Saturday auf Deutsch!

Sure! Das Samstag Hangout auf Deutsch ist bei mir schon eingeplant!

But if I remain fit during the next 2 hours, I might join this night event as well.


I would like to participate, but it’s late here, almost midnight and I’m going to bed, I’m too tired - too bad… next time!