Free use of software for Russian Learners

Language Bridge is offering free use of its software for Russian Learners - This is software is Russian for English speakers. Though, how long the offer is for and how long you can use the software was a little unclear to me.

It’s the product of Arkary Zilberman, who was a simultaneous Translator for the Former Soviet Union.

The product seems to be based primarily on ‘shadowing’, listening, reading and speaking at the same time.

You have to email them and say what are your ‘objectives’ for learning Russian. In return, they are looking for testimonials.

Good luck

It doesn’t help that the English-language description has a number of language errors which makes it hard to understand what they are selling. I take it the Russian language description is written by a native and makes sense?

Yes, I think they could have make it a lot easier, especially as they are aiming at people who are struggling with English. It’s also very wordy and technical.

I persume that Arkady, the Russian who developed this website, wrote the description.

He gave an interview on L2Mastery. I found his ideas fascinating, though I have no idea whether they are right. He’s offering free use of his software, so I thought people might be interested in it.

I’ve sent them an e-mail asking for some more details. I’ll report back.


From the interview. I think basically the software works something like this.

In English - you hear the ‘story’ / ‘text’. Somehow, (biting your tongue?) you are encouraged to visualize this, so as to switch off ‘cross-translation’.

Then you basically ‘shadow’ the text in Russian - listening, reading and speaking at the same time. I presume that the software makes ‘shadowing’ easy - perhaps slow at first and then gets faster.

I have the software. Now I just have to play with it and review it.