Free Russian lessons with a native speaker

Hey there, I make Russian lessons and I’m gonna post all my videos in this thread.
That’s my channel — Oleg Vegan - YouTube
I will udpade this post when I’ll upload next video.

Russian vowel pronunciation (9:18) — - YouTube
Letters Ъ and Ь (6:45) — - YouTube
Letters Ш and Щ (2:21) — - YouTube
Slang word “Чё” (4:09) — - YouTube
Working on Russian “R” sound (Tongue twister) (2:04) — - YouTube
Articles in Russian (1:27) — - YouTube
More videos are comming…

I’m a native Russian speaker and English is my second language, so excuse me for my accent.
That’s me by the way — Bob Doe | VK
Feel free to make any video requests like… If you want me to read or explane something.