Free Mandarin resources with pinyin, word-for-word translations and mp3s

Especially useful for beginners in Mandarin

Though I prefer to use dialogues and not simply sentences for learning, I think this is a great and extensive collection of useful sentences and audio to raise your awareness of the sentence structure of Mandarin, and probably learn quite a few new words of vocabulary as well.

You can read about how I started out in Mandarin here

This looks really good. Thanks.

I wish there was a way to archive or save Forum post “favourites”. I’m not getting into Chinese yet, but I would love to have ready access to all these resources when I do. Are you saving them somewhere David so that one can call on you when one decide to start learning properly? I’m hopeless at keeping track of lots of websites.

I also wish a function to save my favorite forum posts.

Haha yeah, I almost always post both here and on my blog, especially when it concerns a resource I think is really useful. Whenever you start out in Chinese just let me know, I’d be glad to help out!

I save my links and bookmarks on Delicious. I don’t know if you can save LingQ forum links, probably yes as long as you provide login details first.
Think you should try it. You can then access your links from anywhere since they re online, you can also sort them, tag them etc

I have created lots of LingQ folders in my e-mail account. It’s easy but could do with a little bit more of refining. For now I still need to remember where I put something, whether under Hints and Tips or under Links or under the respective language!

P.S. I should have added: I watch certain threads and once I get the e-mail notification I can choose to save the post in one of the LingQ folders.

Thank you very much for letting me know such a great content. Actually, I had finished other text books and have just started another book, but it is very nice to review what I already learned, especially grammatical rules, idiomatic phrases, etc.