Free language learning tips, links and advice

There’s a really helpful video that’s been on YouTube for a couple of months by a polyglot called Richard Simcott that contains a list of resources and advice for learning languages. LingQ is of course mentioned. :slight_smile:

This video was mentioned on the forum some time ago. I cannot remember which thread it was, but I think it was last summer. An amazing guy.

I’ve been fascinated again how large is our world and how many people are interested in the same things! Thank you for the link, Chris.

He also has a video speaking 16 languages.

16! That’s fighting talk! We can’t let him get away with such blatant polyglottism. I hope you have a suitable riposte for him, Steve.

Here’s his channel:

Helen, I will immediately withdraw from my activity here at LingQ, ( and in my wood business), stop seeing my family and friends, cease all sports and leisure activities and will only return from seclusion after I have reached 17 languages. 16 languages !! mutter mutter… Why did he have to do this to me…

Seriously, it is great to speak 16 languages, or even just 2. I will shortly do a video on the fact that language learning is not a competition, and not a sport to be judged. “He speaks more languages than you”. “She speaks better than you.” " Your Russian is not very good." " Your pronunciation does not sound native like." " You make lots of mistakes in your Portuguese." “Let me correct you in what you just said.”

Language is for enjoyment, communication, access to cultures of interest etc. We don;t need to compete with each other nor judge each other, unless we specifically ask for it IMHO.

Interesting video. People who speak many languages are always of interest, and it is always interesting to hear how they do it.

Yes, Mr. Simcott is a very valuable addition to the language-learning community. He has been fortunate enough to live in many countries and use his languages for work. Another real inspiration. I believe he is currently living in Macedonia (moved from the UK) and is studying the languages around Macedonia like Greek and Albanian and Turkish in order to get a better understand of the words and expressions that have been borrowed into Macedonian.