Free Korean lessons on YouTube

Hi everyone,

First of all, I’m not sure if it’s okay to post this in here (the Content Forum), so if it’s not, feel free to delete it.

I started a YouTube channel called GoBillyKorean a couple of months ago to teach Korean topics that people have told me over the past few years they’ve had trouble with. I take requests for new videos as well, and am making new episodes every single week (it’s all for free of course). I’m an American and have been learning Korean for 8 years, and I can speak Korean fluently - I know what it’s like to learn Korean since I once went through the experience too. Hope these lessons can help you out~

Here’s the URL:

Hi, GoBillyKorean. Thanks for posting this information. Every little bit or lot helps. Your channel looks great: animated, lively, fun, helpful! :slight_smile: