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@ Ilya and yuriythebest:

You should take a look at Dawkins’ video on TED:
There’s also his documentary, The Root of All Evil, which is really worth seeing:

Thanks Sigma. By the way, Dawkins states somewhere else that biologist are the “least religious” among all the Nobel prize winners. Are you going to win one sometime?

Winning the Nobel prize? But I’m just 20!
Well… there’s one thing I really wanna do in life, and it’s to get the ocean rid of the plastic wastes that we threw and still throw in it. The only way I thing this is possible is by modifying bacteria genetically so that they consume plastics to get their energy. I don’t know if it’s feasible, even least if it will be worth a Nobel prize, but I have to try.

Amazing! Thanks a lot sigma …

Sigma, I beleive your chances are higher in winning the Peace Nobel price. The road is long thogh. Some first had to win a vice presidency of the USA :-). No desrespect meant.

And if this bacterias would go out of control and eat all plastics in the world?

Actually, bacteria eating plastics already exist, but the enzymes a species produce only allow it to eat, let’s say, one kind of plastic or two. I remember reading a research report on the internet showing that these bacteria do a pretty good job in non-saline water, but they do pretty much nothing in sea water.

But, just for fun, let’s say some kind of super bacteria would get out of control, and eat all plastic in the world. Would it really be that bad? I don’t think so, we would just produce other kinds of plastic these bacteria wouldn’t be able to digest, and we wouldn’t have billions (if not trillions) of tons of plastic in sea anymore.

Take a look at this:

Sorry, (I always forget) here:

Here’s the last answer (because I replied to their first e-mail) I received from FCBH:

Dear Sir,

You are correct in saying that the text of the Chinese Union version is Public Domain. However, the audio recording is owned by Hosanna / Faith Comes By Hearing. We have an agreement with all the speakers/readers on the audio recording to access the recording from our site only. That is why you are only allowed to use our recording via our streaming player, which could be placed on your site.

Thank you again for your inquiry.

Lori Goldstein

I guess it means no, even if the audio is available for free and the text part of the public domain… (I hate current copyrights laws.)