Free Account Lingq Limit

Now, I know I’m cheap for not upgrading my account, BUT–

I’ve been enjoying the free account for a while, and now when I try to just look up a word–not save a LingQ–all it says is “oops, no more lingqs for you.” Well, okay, that’s all well and fine. I get that you have to pay for the premium features. But I deleted my LingQs, to the best of my knowledge. The system currently shows me as having 0 LingQs. All I want is to be able to look up words on the right side. Is it possible to return to the previous blissful state of being able to look up words on the right side, without upgrading?

No. The lingQ limit is a hard limit.

In my opinion the power of the system is in creating LingQ’s and importing lessons.

It’s time to upgrade.

@TBoneWalker - Unfortunately, deleting created LingQs doesn’t help as your limit has been reached already. Try our Premium membership. You then can stop it at any time.