Free account dictionary

Hi! I just started to use lingq - it’s great!

But when I added about 1100 known words in my dictionary - I can’t use two-sided dictionary (right side) and pop-up screen offer to buy premium (to upgrade account).

So, at this moment I don’t need linqs (yellow) to remember new words (in my page count 0 lingqs from 20, I just deleted 3-5 that I made for experiment), I just wanna to read articles with translation in right side (that also connected with google-translae) and accumulate all words that I know with statistic-counter in my profile. - Is it possible in free account?

@mailgd - hello! we are really glad that you like the site. Actually, there is a hard limit for creating LingQs. Once you have created 20 LingQs in total (even if you delete them later), you reached your limit. Now, to use the LingQ functionality, you should have an upgraded account. We suggest you try our basic Premium account which is just $10 per month. You will be able to downgrade it at any time if you don’t like it. Happy learning!