The following is a tweet from The Daily Yomiuri:
“Text messages implying match-fixing were found on #sumo wrestlers’ cell phones seized by Tokyo police in July, sources reveal. #Japan

In 2005, “Freakonomics” demonstrated the existence of cheating among sumo wrestlers relying on a statistical analysis.

Freakonomics does not use ordinary economic theories. It is a statistical analysis of social problems.

Was there some heavy betting going on at the time? Or were other, weightier problems being investigated?

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There was a baseball-betting scandal among sumo wrestlers last year.
“The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)'s organized crime division arrested three former sumo wrestlers and a woman on Jan. 26 on suspicion of involvement in a baseball-betting scandal that shook the sumo world to its foundations last year.”

In the process of the investigation evidence was found that shows there had been cheating or match-fixing among sumo wrestlers.

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