Foundation Series (alpha)

​​I hope this announcement finds you well and that you have been enjoying a delightful summer. Contact me if I can be of service to you in any way. Please pass this information on to someone you know who might be interested. Thanks!

I am looking for non-native Englsh speaking volunteers who have an INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED conversational level of English and who are interested in improving their Englsih level. This doesn’t cost money but it does cost time and commitment. If you can devote 30-60 minutes per day for five consecutive days in August, please contact me ( as soon as possible.

I have just designed a series of five modules that will enable you to take your English to the next level without paying for English classes.

This is one on one. I am doing this because the program is in alpha stage and I need to test it, to refine it, before launching it in beta. Spaces are limited.

August 11-August 15 (closed)
August 16 -August 20 (only 1 space left) start time 7pm Mexico City time
August 27-August 31 (only 4 spaces left) start time 5am, 6am, 8am, 9am, or 10am Mexico City time)