Forum Start Screen

If I am not logged in, and click on “FORUM” on the LingQ start page, I see this:

The URL is Sprachenlern-Forum - LingQ: Diskutiere alles was mit Sprache zu tun hat!

The texts / links of the blue top ribbon are not correctly placed.

Maybe the German translations are too long…

Thanks, u50623. This is related to the length of the translation. We will try to increase the spacing in the menu there but if you can suggest a shorter translation for FAQ, that would be much appreciated.

You can use FAQ as translation for FAQ. This is quite common on the internet. There is no need to translate it.

I must say I like the new site design for new users (not logged in)!

I don’t like this blue menu ribbon, because when browsing the forum without being logged in, this menu ribbon occupies 20% of my small iPhone screen.

I guess, there is hardly a German, who doesn’t know what FAQ is (even if someone could forget what it stands for). Moreover, the use of English abbreviations is quite common in both written and colloquial German. (For instance with the USA, beeing the only “German” short-form for “Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika”)
As for FAQ, it’s always used in Russian as well, with no common “Russian” shortening to compete.

@u50623 That may be almost a reason to buy the 5th :wink: