Forum Search Results

Don’t you think that the results, or rather, no results the picture of which I will show below in this post are strange?

There are a lot of posts that include the word on the forum.

Hi Yutaka,
Hmm, this is strange. It works fine for me, if I search for word “exchange”, I get lot of search results. Can you try with another browser?

If I choose “All Forums” I can get a lot of posts, many of which belong to “Support Forum”, but if I choose the specific forum, I cannot see the posts that are supposed to belong to that forum.

I used the Google Chrome browser, and the result was the same. I think something is wrong with the filter that restricts the target directory of searching.

I long ago learned that if I want to find something in the forum, I should simply search for it on Google.


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Hi Yutaka,
Thanks for additional informations here. It seems that you are right, forum search doesn’t work at all for Suport Forum. I’ll report this and it should be fixed soon.
Thanks again!

Thank you for your reply, Zoran.

Hi Yutaka,
The issue should be fixed. Could you check it please?

I checked it and found that the issue was fixed.
Thank you. By the way, are you living in Ukraine and in charge of the maintenance of the forum site?