Forum Profile

We just updated a mini profile to the Forum. Now you can see who you’re talking to! Make sure to upload an image and profile description on the Settings page. This is just one more small step towards improving our Community. Have fun with it!

This is a terrific feature! When friendship, learning and mutual contribution are combined, something amazing happens. LingQ is THE best community of English learners!

It’s really interesting this feature. I was starting to feel the forum would stay always that ugly. I think it’s more appealing now. Now the problem is I don’t know what to write in my profile…

YES I hope each member will bring a little information in his profile. It’s good for a friendly together. I agree with Julie, LingQ will be better and better.

Pedro, give us a little information about you. What you are studying, which language you are learning, which hobbies do you have and so on.

It’s done already, now I just need to find a good photo.

I would like suggest that the members bring her real name in her profil because then it would be better in Skype conversations to speak to them.

But how can member who already have their name defined as something else change it into their real names? Like me…

First of all, you can put whatever you like into your Profile description which you will find on the Settings page. If you want to share your real name, just add it in the Description. This is the Profile that you see when you click on someone’s username.

We do have future plans to improve the profile information you can share but for now you will just have to use the description field.

Thanks, I hadn’t thought about it :wink: