Forum launched, New Assignment Limits

As you can see, our Forum is now up and running! Post questions or comments about LingQ, in your own language or the language you are learning. Look for language related questions and answers on the “Ask Your Tutor” Forum. Posting on the “Ask Your Tutor” Forum is restricted to Plus and Premium members but it’s open to all. Come and check out the LingQ Forum and get involved in the LingQ Community.

As a reward to all of you who have upgraded to Basic, Plus or Premium (and to encourage those of you who haven’t!), we have decided to increase the Active Assignments limits for these levels. Basic Members are now allowed 50 Active Assignments, Plus Members are allowed 250 and Premium Members are allowed 1000 Active Assignments. Enjoy the added space!

Je ne comprend pas ce que signifie concrétement Assigments ?

I do not understand what Assigments means in concret terms ?

It simply refers to those items you’re studying, that you have on your workdesk (as well as completed ones etc.). :slight_smile:

Each Item has an Assignment attached to it which is just a guide to help you understand which tasks to perform for each item. It is really there to help new users get started more than anything. It is like the old Task List from TheLinguist. I do admit that it is a bit confusing having the two terms, assignment and item, essentially referring to the same thing. We are thinking about how to make this all work more clearly.