Formatting Imported Lessons

Is there any way that we can format the text besides bold, italic fonts for the lessons that we import? I would like to see less space in between the paragraphs. also, it would be nice to be able to keep the paragraph indent or change the font. I think the default setting is a double line space or more in between paragraphs when I paste anything into the import text box. Sometimes, if I paste text copied from certain pdf’s, the text will have only one space between lines but I am not sure why this is. Thanks.

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Hi John,

It is not possible at this time to change the font of the text.

The single/double space issue occurs because of the formatting of the original text. There are two ways to move to the next line: one is starting a new paragraph (which our system then reacts by adding an additional space to keep things tidy) and the other is moving to the next line, where the text is displayed on the next line but it isn’t actually a new paragraph according to the formatting.

From Wikipedia:
“The return key is often also referred to as that by many American groups (and even marked as) the enter key and it usually performs the same function as the enter key, but in some applications (mainly page layout, word processing and in typewriting) it is the one that operates like the carriage return key from which it originates. It typically has an arrow pointing down and left (↵), which is the symbol for carriage return.”

In this case, if you want the additional space to appear between paragraphs on the lesson page, you will have to press “Enter/Return” at the beginning of the paragraph so you notice a visible space between the two. This will then add an extra space between the paragraphs.

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