Format of notes & transl. in lessons

I am just adding some lessons to an old Beginners collection (it’s the collection that is old, not the Beginners).

Two points:

  1. The formatting of the Translation notes has gone, it’s all in one block now, at least on the editing page. (I’ve fixed it in one or two lessons already.)

  2. Before Notes were introduced I added Grammar notes and observations via the Blue Button within the lesson. Would it make sense to now copy those over into Notes? (What a silly question! Naturally, I’ll do it one of these days!!)

Hi Sanne,

I see that the first issue you report is a problem. It appears to not be preserving the formatting for some reason. We will be sure to take a look at this.

By “the Blue Button”, do you mean the link to post it on the forum? It’d be nice if these were added to the lesson itself, but the links to the forum posts will stay there either way. :slight_smile:

Luckily, the collection is very short, so no harm done. Thank you for looking into it.

Yes, I meant the link to the forum. Glad to hear that the links will stay. I’ll add the notes properly by and by.