Forgetting your Target Language when in front of the opposite sex

I am sure this may or may not have happened to the follow male language learning maybe the girls even, but last night I went to a Spanish meetup where I am from and had to opportunity of speaking with a very nice girl from Venezuela and upon trying to speak Spanish I could not say a single word.

My whole mind went blank and the only words that came to my head were English.

has this ever happened to anyone else?

“…has this ever happened to anyone else?..”

Yeah, but only if they were young, hot and up for it! :smiley:

in the future while I am still learning Spanish I need to avoid these kind of women as I cannot focus haha

Win-win situation, convince the cute girl to help you improve your Spanish and you’ll hit 2 birds with 1 stone :wink:


It gets better with practice. I’m actually a lot more comfortable speaking to a pretty girl in her language than I am in English. It sort of gives me the opportunity to be a bit more extroverted.


For some of us, in the situation you just described, it took years even to get English to come out.

However, I think with an Aussie accent, pretty much ANY English will help you in this arena.