Foreign language learning methods

I want to learn foreign languages ​​but do not know where to learn. who can help me

Well, what languages do you want to learn? If your language preferences are provided at Lingq, than Lingq would be the way for you. Although Lingq is more of a tool, it can take you really far in my opinion. Lingq provides a huge library with full of content, which allows you to read, listen, and learn new words. Most languages provide many short stories to start from, which are really helpful in the beginning. Lingq is probably the best place to learn languages in my opinion because Lingq provides a statistic bar, which tracks your progress. I haven’t seen any other websites that keeps track of how many words you know and etc. Anyways, have fun studying!

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Well most people would say you can start here. Because you can. You can also get a beginner’s course book such as Teach Yourself, Colloquial or Living Language and go from there. Those courses are differently made and will fit different kinds of people but at least the first and the third example will teach you a decent amount of grammar. What method you end up preferring depends on you. All language learners are different, which is why I want to give you a more detailed advice than just “learn it all here at LingQ”.

If anyone else has something to add, please do.