For the whole time (3 yrs) I have been using LingQ I have sucked at consistency

Also anyone else wanna show me their all time stats for inspiration or just give me tips?

I can’t figure out how to provide a screenshot, but I don’t see anything wrong with your progress. Of course you haven’t achieved consistency in “new words per quarter,” but I can’t imagine that is the goal, your known words, overall, indicate steady progress. If you’re learning the language and enjoying the journey who’s to argue with a little meandering. If your goal is consistency, then there’s work to be done, but that’s like focusing on shots on goal rather than scoring, I’ll take outcomes over inputs any day.


Whatever strategy you adopt, if it’s a chore you won’t keep it up. I can only share what works for me. My daily chart has its ups and downs too.

The longest stretches of steady gains were when I was reading books that really drew me in – I didn’t need to force myself to read them, I needed to force myself to put them aside to get other things done. I’m picky about books, though, and I’ve had droughts between good ones.

What I’ve found over the past several months that provides some consistency for me is reading news, both short articles and longer stories, using both the New Feed on the Lessons page and, especially, the browser import plug-in. Every day brings new material without the need to hunt for fresh content. It’s also helped that I found some good independent and oppositionist sources for Russian. I don’t know how it is for you with Chinese, but I quickly find the official Kremlin line tiresome and irksome.

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Roblox and Lingq…the next Crossover??

Edit: It’s funny how after my long hiatus from Lingq, the moment I come on the forums I see what appears to be a roblox figurine on a profile post.

Edit 2: I would really want to actually provide a constructive reply but I also can’t seem to find out how to paste a simple screenshot onto this textbox…

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Hi, “do it every day” is my ideal, too, and I fail when it comes to daily usage. I would say don’t worry, you’re making progress.

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I think you are doing pretty good, specially since it seems that even in your “bad” days you still get something done. My main problem in being consistent are the days when my work is literally consuming every hour of the day, and I kind of feel guilty to stop working on something to just spend time with my “language learning hobby.” I still get some study done, but way less than I would like to. One thing that helped was to get audiobooks on my cell phone, since even on days when I can do almost no reading, I will still get a ton of listening while driving or walking on the street.

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Yeah it’s funny you noticed. I just couldn’t think of an actual profile pic.

Well keep it up man! I just took a look at your profile and you look like quite the polyglot.