For russian speakers who want to improve their english on skype

Hello everyone, my name’s George, a fluent english speaker and my reason to be in this community is to help russian speakers to improve their english. And if you don’t speak and understand russian but you think that you can help me to get russian people (who speak english too) then feel free to send me a friend request. Besides English there is another strong reason to be here. There are many topics which we can speak about but the one which I am interested to discuss is to help people in starting an online business, absolutly free of charge. Now, maybe not all the people will be interested about it, and that’s ok! Really, if you are neither interested to learn English nor to work online, then please DO NOT add me because it will be waste for our time. Instead, if you are motivated and want a better life, if you have the spirit of entrepreneur, then you are the right person, in the right place at the right time. Send your friend request to me now, you are the most welcome!

My skype Id is: armiska511