For Mark or Account Manager: Student not able to choose me for a writing correction

I had a student just email me saying she couldn’t choose me to correct her writing. I checked my Settings, and it is still set for me to correct writings. I haven’t done any in quite a while, and I used to do several each week. I am concerned that students have been unable to choose me. Please check on this. Thanks!

Hi Jillisa,

All you have to do is make sure your activity score is at least 1, then you will appear on the list as normal. This was enacted to seed out inactive tutors from appearing on the list, as there were a lot of complaints recently about writings not being corrected.
Good luck!

Hi Jillisa,

This is due to a change we made recently to our algorithm for displaying correctors. We were having problems with students selecting inactive members as correctors so we instituted a requirement that only tutors with an Activity Score greater than 0 could appear in the list.Unfortunately, this also excludes tutors like you, who are not active otherwise on the site. Sorry about that! If you create 1 LingQ each month, you will appear in the correctors list again.

I am extremely upset about this. I have never known anything about this, never received any communication in this regard. I have probably missed out on tons of corrections for an entire month! I would appreciate a little better communication as I have many students’ writings that I have corrected in the past, and apparently they haven’t chosen me not knowing what happened.

What is the easiest and quickest way to get my activity score to 1?

We apologize for not letting you know about this. In retrospect it is certainly something we should have posted prominently, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.
As Mark said, all you have to do is create 1 LingQ each month to remedy this problem.

Again, what is the minimum I need to do to get my score to 1? I then need to post for all my “former” writers that I can correct writing.

I don’t mean to be difficult, but I need an answer ASAP to my former post so I can get to correcting writing again. I have a student waiting on me.

It seems there’s a bug that causes delays in any updates to the Activity Score. We’ll work on getting it fixed. Thanks for your understanding!

By the way I’ve just found another bug with activity score.
I participate Tom’s group discussion every Sunday evening. It means that my activity score in English should be at least 460=240 according to formula
Activity Score = Created LingQs+Learned LingQs+Words of Writing+(# of Events
But my activity score is 0 %)

@Jillisa - Your Activity Score has been updated now. It is not updated right away but only twice a day. You should be showing up as a corrector once again and the link to submit writing to you is now showing on your profile. Please make sure to create at least 1 LingQ every 30 days to remain active.

@Cakypa - That is strange indeed. We will look into that and let you know what is happening there.