For beginners?

I have zero knowledge of the language. Are there are books/materials in the library that are read very slowly? or maybe I’m doing something wrong? please help


I gather that you are learning Portuguese. You can do the following.

Go to the beginner 1 area and choose a content item, like introductions. When you click on a word you will see that one of the options is google translate. You can copy and paste the sort item into google translate and see the whole thing in English. Then you can listen to it while reading the English once or twice. Then you can save individual words. Then just keep listening over and over to get used to the language.

Then go on to the next item.

If you choose the item called Quem e ella? Who is she? you will find the whole series in English in the English Library.

The main thing is to just listen, read learn words and let the language enter your mind.