Following the words and the coins

Some days I feel as if I am following the words and coins. Other days I just push along. While I have studied my L2 before joining this program, this is the first program that I want my students to have. I talked to my director yesterday and she looked at me with a high level of interested and did not say no. I would love to dump the Rosetta Stone program that does not work for middle and high school students.
My why for learning was so I could better communicate with my students parents, but my new why is to convince my director that this program is the right program for my students. I already have the highest test out rates and improvement in my are (100 plus mile radius) for middle school, therefore I hope my director will support purchasing this program.

While I follow the coins and the word count what can I do to make a bigger impact on my learning using Lingq, so that I can show my director that I made growth using this program.

My current schedule:
M-Fri (there are many days I manage 4-5 hours of learning in small 30 minute chunks)
Spanish radio/talk show 1.5 hours per day (driving)
Movies/ TV shows 1.5 hours per day (before or after work)
Lingq I achieve my daily goal
Wednesday Language exchange
Golden list weekly (based upon content from tv/books)
Create space repetition flash cards (tv book content)
Listening to audio book (finish one book per month)
Saturday and Sunday is a mix of everything

I was about to test my memory retention and time spent for golden list vs srs. How have your results been?

I’m wondering how many schools LingQ has been used in. It would be an interesting blog post, podcast, or LingQ youtube video if it’s been done with a success story.

I feel the golden list is great and is still similar to srs. I have been doing well using it and I am now teaching my students both. I am explicitly teaching why and how to use both. I use one page for words and one page for phrases. The words and phrases I pickup from lingq, articles, books, and tv shows that I am actively using. I only focus on words or phrases that I would naturally use in conversation with my students, parents, and language exchange partners. So drug shows are not normally on my list even though I love watching NARCO.
I try to find phrases and words that triangulate in more than one area. Word and phrase triangulation has enable me to increase my words and phrases 60% every 10 days without effort. So about every 10 days I acquire about 8 words and phrases naturally and am able to speak and write them. My first triangulation starts with my conversation with language exchange, then parents, tv shows, and finally students. It take time to set up what you want or need to learn. I will be starting a new journal in June that focuses on science but specifically the ocean area of Baja California. I am still looking for resources that will help with my learning and I have a new language partner that I will be working with from Ensenada, MX.

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I am not aware of any large districts using this program for the ELL population. Many districts go with outdated programs and wonder why the students are not making progress. Out of all of the learning programs I have reviewed during the past few years this is the best thus far.

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