"Focus words"


I sometimes run into a situation where among my yellow words there is one word that appears to have slipped under the radar. Most of the LingQs make sense (the words usually show up around my current level for the first time for example). But sometimes there are words that I “should” already know. Or it is a word I want to be able to use right away, or a word that I can’t seem to move towards status Known. I think it would be nice to be able to direct a little more attention to these words. Perhaps one could have 100 focus words available.

I made an example picture to sort of show my suggestion. It’s a bit exaggerated but I think it highlights my “problem”.

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Hi whint,
Thanks for your suggestion. I am not sure at this moment if we are going to implement that, but if other users think it would be helpful too, I’ll be glad to add it on the wishlist.

There are some words that I’ve seen a million times and are still a level 1. This is the rare occasion that I think dedicated SRS like Anki is not only a good tool, but the best option. Would love to have this feature, because I don’t personally know myself which words are just hard to get and which ones are completely failing to enter my brain after dozens of entries.

Thanks Zoran. The response hasn’t exactly been overwhelming thus far :wink: I hope a few more give their support soon!

I agree. Personally I don’t use the SRS functionality here at LingQ at all. Where to start in a deck with thousands of cards? I guess adding tags could be a possibility and review those. But using tags won’t help much while reading. If these words somehow could stand out more in the text, I think it would be easier to notice, especially when doing extensive reading.

Nice idea, I second the suggestion :slight_smile: