Fluency needed for basic job?

I’ve decided to move to Greece and I’m wondering what level of fluency would be enough to get a basic job such as working in a shop for example? Would B1 suffice?

I’ve recently switched from German which has given me a head start in terms of grammatical explanation. The cases, genders etc are quite easy for me so far although I’ve only been studying for two weeks. My ideal goal for completion would be January and currently my beginner course is Duelingo in conjunction with Anki since the resources for Greek are limited.

B1 would suffice but I’d suggest having a higher level. At the very least have a good grasp of vocabulary used on a typical day at the type of shop you intended to work in.

Levels like ‘B1’ are irrelevant in real life contexts. You’re not passing an exam, you’re trying to live a life.

So what do you need to be able to do, is the question.

Well, firstly, you will need to open a bank account in that country. Then you will need to search for employment. Then you need to be able to do a successful interview. Then you will need to successfully work in the shop.

So what do you need to be able to do these things ? Well first off is you need to be able to understand what is being said to you in all the above contexts. Someone tells you to come to an interview at half 10 and you turn up at 5 past 1, you’ve got a problem.

For such jobs, speaking isn’t of paramount importance when compared to your comprehension. Your comprehension of every day language needs to be high to be able to function in the tasks outlined above.

If it were me with this goal i would get every single natural dialogue you could and listen over and over and over and get words and phrases down. Learn specific vocab for the areas you will need - banking terms, items found at the workplace etc.

You need to be able to take instruction accurately more than you need to be able to talk at length for ‘menial’ jobs. So get your comprehension down. Greek TV, comic books, street interviews, reality TV, cooking shows, anything. Then learn the specific vocab on the side. Easy…

6522 words in 2 weeks? That’s incredible!

I think a high B1 should be possible, but achieving a comfortable B2 is probably what you should strive for.

Good Luck!

He’s talking about Greek not German.

<<Levels like ‘B1’ are irrelevant in real life contexts. You’re not passing an exam, you’re trying to live a life.>>

The levels are relevant, of course, since they refer to actual abilities in the language. However, as you have pointed out before, it does sound that the exams that test for these levels seem to have poor predictive validity.

For basic jobs won’t you be competing with native Greeks? I forget the exact statistic, but I think the unemployment rate in Greece is relatively high. Maybe you’ll find a job where in addition to your command of Greek, at whatever level, you’ll also have an advantage with your native command of English, such as in a shop, restaurant, hotel, or whatever that caters to tourists?

Yea… greece isn’t exactly the most lucrative place to be looking for employment at the moment… but I really think “basic fluency” in Greek isn’t something that’s really possible between now and January (2-3 months)?

I wouldn’t mind betting that most of 'em speak English pretty well.

(Just saying’…)