Fluency in Months

Hi my friends today I would like to share with you some tips about language learning.

Great video! Your English has improved dramatically!! Wow…very nice! Bravo, Lucas!


I listened your video and in spite of I’m a beginner, I could understand all you have said because you have spoken clearly and slowly although the audio quality is not very good !


PS : Please anyone, correct me if I have done mistakes in my sentences ;o) Thanks !


I have listened to (watched) your video and, in spite of the fact that I am a beginner (despite being a beginner), I …


Thanx a lot 3Kingdoms !


I need improve my audio quality.

Yes, I agree with you Lucas, that’s another thing that money can’t buy: fluency in any language. Maybe sometimes it can make things easier but that’s all. It doesn’t matter how good is the material, the method, the teacher or whatever. In the end, it’s up to the student whether or not he/she will learn the language.

I’m also surprised with your improvement. Congratulations man! In fact I’m a little bit envious of you. I just can’t speak or write well. lol

Thanks Allisson,
I hope the Lingq create an exclusive place to share progress on video.

You’ve made outstanding progress in a short time, Lucas. Congrats. Btw, why did you change accounts?

Cause, I could not upgrade to basic member in my previous account.

But now I have the same problems. the LingQ does not accept my payments I don’t know why, I send email to lingq,paypal, and nothing!

So, That’s it.

@Brazilianpolyglot - I am sorry you are having trouble upgrading. It is certainly not us who won’t accept your payment. We are eager to get it…! However, Paypal, who processes payments for us must be having trouble with your payment method. You should either contact Paypal to find out why it’s not working or sometimes Paypal will reject a payment source for recurring payments but will accept it for a one time payment. Therefore, you can try to buy a 6-month membership on this page and see if it goes through, Login - LingQ.

Paypal sucks. I’ve had numerous problems paying people overseas. Then I did something I swore I’d never do - I attached my bank account. I’ve never had a problem since then.

I went to my bank today and ordered an international card only to upgrade the LingQ I’ve given up using paypal.
But I have to pay $ 35 every month from card fees, beyond what I buy.

I can’t sleep I neeedddd upgrade my accont no matter what I need to do.

I had trouble with Paypal and my cards too. I had to create a paypal account and then use a direct debit to take money directly from my bank account to fill my paypal account, (which takes a few days) and then pay directly from my paypal account, bypassing cards completely. I haven’t had trouble with that method, but I do buy a year’s membership at a time now, so I don’t have to deal with any of it too often. If you haven’t tried that method, it might work for you.

We Brazilians cannot send money to paypal, because the paypal is the currency of U.S and ours is Real.

To send money via paypal from Brazil you have to either attach your bank account or have an international credit card. I’ve personally never had any problems, but I only send money via credit card, never had to use it to receive money.

Well I send money to paypal in UK pounds, and when I pay for anything they convert it and handle all of that stuff. Are you using this version of paypal, http://www.paypal.com.br/ ? It says on their multiple currencies page that they handle Brazilian Real. You’ve probably looked into that already though. Sorry I can’t be more help. I hope you get it working somehow.

@ Elric. Yes, attaching my bank account to it is what I had to do.

Even in Germany recurrent payments to LingQ via PayPal (with credit card & bank acct. attached) will be rejected by PayPal:

“Wir können Ihre Anfrage leider nicht verarbeiten. Kehren Sie zu The Linguist Institute zurück und wählen sie eine andere Option aus. / We are unable to process your inquiry. Return back to The Linguist Institute and select a different option.”

The reason is unknown.
Recurrent payments for LingQ work only using a credit card directly.

I’ve given up using paypal.

If you want to be frustrated try to use Paypal.

I’m attaching my account however the lingQ just accept send money using the international credit card.

If steve, alex, mark or anyone accept money I could send it to upgrade my account to basic member.