Can someone describe how exactly flashcards works? Maybe there is instruction how to use flashcards?

Click on Flashcards to open the flashcard function for any list of words, either from your Lesson page, or from Vocabulary, or your top 25 on the Lessons landing page. Then click around on the card and see what happens. Do you have any specific questions?

I cannt see difference if I click green on red button. Word remains in the list.
If I mark word with 4 it remains yellow in the text, but if I edit yellow word in the text and then mark it with 4 then yellow marking disappears.
When I open flashcard with unknown word what is the best thing to do: push red button or mark it with numbers?

  1. Word remains in list: You can change what happens to the word by clicking on Settings.
  2. Status 4 word remains yellow: Mark will have to answer. There may be a bug there.
  3. Best thing to do: Everyone does things differently. I confess that I either move it up in status, or click on green button. I never click red button even if I don’t know the word. It would be interesting to hear how others do things.

Flashcard settings is limited. I can change amount of displayed information on both sides of card and thats it. I could not find different settings. Some things is still confusing. I find known word and hit green button nothing changes. I proceed and then all words starts over again. When I hit green button second time on same word, then it disappears from current session but not from the flashcard list. If I close flashcard window and open it again all words from list is back.

It would be great if someone could make complete video instruction regarding flashcards and post it here or on youtube.

I click on both the red and the green buttons, depending on whether I know the word or not. Here is roughly how it works: you choose a set of flashcards to work with, by setting your parameters (alphabet, status, etc). Then you start working them. I press green if I know the word. If I do not know the word I press red. This gives a signal to the computer as to how many times to present that word back to you, I think.

Once you get the word right a certain number of times, it will no longer be offered in this session. But if you press red, you get to see the word a few more times before the computer stops showing it to you.

When you are all done with the session, some of the words move up in status by one point, possibly from status 1 to status 2. I am not sure if the words you have pressed RED for will move up in status or not

Don’t worry about the words not dropping out of the master list. You will continue to see your words for another session, and another and another. You should see them for at least four sessions, and if you are like me you will need this review, because after a few days you may forget them.

When I know that I know a word permanently, I will sometimes delete it from the list by using the checkbox/ delete feature on the master list.

I had a very hard time figuring out the flashcards too…because I did not realize that LingQ intends for me to keep seeing these words a certain number of times depending on how well I am doing with the word.

On Peteris’ suggestion, I have made a video on how to use the flashcards - How to use flashcards on LingQ - YouTube.